Tee-Ball with Dianne from Project Energize

Room 3 really enjoyed spending time with Dianne from Project Energize, learning catching and batting skills.  They put these into practise playing a fun game of Tee Ball.

Elgregoe - Magician and Ventriloquist

Our children enjoyed learning about values through Elgregoe's Magic Show.

He taught us how to use our WITS if someone is being unkind or being a bully.

Swimming 2018

Room 3 had a fun in the pool practising their swimming skills.  

They enjoyed using the pool equipment to improve their confidence and skills on 'Fun Friday'.

Life Education

Room 3 have had a wonderful time  with Nicky and Harold in the Life Education classroom this week.

We learnt that it's OK to be different. "It's not wrong, just different from me."

We talked about EMPATHY.
Flint tried walking in someone else's shoes.  We tried to imagine who they might belong to and how that person might feel in different situations.


Welcome to Room 3
We have had a wonderful start to the year.